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Hello, everyone!

My name is Clarissa M. Chains. I’m a 36-year-old trans woman and I’m currently 7 years into a 27-year prison sentence in Arizona. I’m housed on a male yard in a dormitory with around 50 men. Donating to me at helps me not only support myself, but also helps me stay out of trouble. Being a broke girl in a male prison often means that men are constantly using whatever means they can to exploit us, and money is one of them. Even if we don’t want help, we’re sometimes pressured into accepting it, or tricked into it by those whose intentions seem innocent at first. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, situations like that are acutely uncomfortable and frightening for me. I don’t get high, so you needn’t worry your money would be spent on drugs, nor do I waste money on yard-bought pornography or hooch (homemade alcohol).

I am also an aspiring author, and anything you provide helps me focus on my craft and work towards my dream of becoming a published novelist. My writing extends to the creation of games and I’m currently developing a tabletop RPG based on some of my favorite video games made by the company Square-Enix. You’ll find my few written short stories and some of my artwork elsewhere on this site. I know these offerings are sparse, but I’m working to expand my stable, so bear with me! Check it out, and if you like my style, feel free to tip your friendly prison-bound writer-chick!

I have several girls I consider family in here and I’m also including links to their pages as I get them. Please check them out, too, so we can all flourish together! My friend Jayme was released in early July 2021, and has a gofundme account to help her get on her feet: Fundraiser for Jayme Patton by Susanna Deemer : Help Jayme get into a stable living situation (

Every one of us is dedicated to our rehabilitation, and we all could use your help. Feel free to contact me via the Securus app at if you like (AZDOC ID 301780). Thank you, and donating or not, I wish you all peace, joy and prosperity in your lives! ❤️

Entire site contents copyright (C) 2021-2022 by Clarissa M. Chains.

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